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  • Description: Stationary 200ton Silo This 200-ton silo is on the ground and ready to be moved to a new home. The unit appears to be in very good condition but it needs paint. Upon inspection there are no rusted thru areas; all rust appears superficial. Measurements: The length of the legs: 16’ 4” The length of the silo including the cone & frame: 50’ 4” The length of the batcher: 3’ 8” The unit is heavily insulated and covered with a 10 gauge metal wrapper. The superior style batcher is the double split variety; this style has proven not to segregate materials. The cone of the silo is covered with ceramic tiles. These tiles have shown to be the best guard against heavy wear in the cone area. The tub of the silo appears to be structurally sound. NOTE: ASI has a bintop conveyor that could be sold with this unit. It is 400 tph, 14’2” shaft to shaft, with the flop gate extension of 34”. It utilizes a double 4” pitch roller chain (60% remaining). The floor appears to be in very good condition. It is priced separately. The unit has NO motor and drive PRICING OF THE SILO ALONE………………………………………………………..$19,500.00 PRICING OF THE SILO WITH BINTOP CONVEYOR…..$27,500.00
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