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    Stock #:800053042
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    Location:Val-D'Or, QC CAN
    Price: 94,400 CAD

    2008 CATERPILLAR R1300G

    94,400 CAD

    Hewitt Equipment Ltd

    +1 514 457 3180 

    Contact Info:
    Map It
    Richard Mallet
    5001 Transcanada Hwy

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    Cab or CanopyFair Furnish & install missing cab liners (finition)PaintFair Some putty repairs are coming out, rework & do touchup.
    Cleaning RequiredYes Clean compoments in front & rear frames, it,s very dirty.Radiator Grill & ShroudGood
    Differential SupportsGoodRear FrameGood
    Front FrameGoodS.O.S. TakenYes Most recent SOS analysis results are at 12465 hours, nov. 29, 2012
    Fuel TankPoor Diagnose & repair faulty fuel gauge. Repair fuel tank drain and remove water (ice) and debris from tankSheet MetalPoor Straighten bucket tilt cylinder hose's guard.
    Grab IronsGoodSteps / LadderGood
    Guards / ScreensPoor Furnsih & intall missing bolts and rethread some holes fixing bottom guards.-- Repair the guard on bucket tilt cylinder.
    Notes Note: there is no repair registred after SOS and diagnostic inspection at 12465 hours.
    Notes there is no repair registred after SOS and diagnostic inspection at 12465 hours.


    HornPoor It's faulty, needs to be diagnosed.Safety Decals In PlaceNo Many decals may be missing.
    ROPSGood .Cab without windowSafety Decals LegibleNo As shipped product from Cat, it was spanish language, make sure they are in french.


    Back Up AlarmYes Poor, low sound, adjust or replace backup alarm.GaugesPoor Diagnose & replace defective parts
    CMS PanelPoor It needs to be diagnosed, it may be faulty and it may require replacement.MeterGood
    Current Parts ManualNo Missing, to be furnishedPans/GuardsPoor Furnish & install two missing drain plugs on cab's floor.
    Current Safety ManualNo Furnish missing Operation and Maintenance manual, in french, english.Seat Cushion / Arm RestPoor Replace used/loose seat suspension, used seat's cushions & armrest. Furnish & install missing security seat belt.
    Dash ConsolePoor Repair wires & harness, furnish & install missing items. (Quote on original inspection = replace dash.)SwitchesPoor Replace defective ou missing switches.
    Door LatchesPoor Renew door's rubber seals, adjust door's latch and replace used/loose door's hinges.Windshield WipersFair No wiper because no glass, the machine is equiped with 246-1286 cab ar-open ROPS
    Fuel Level Jauge défectueuse.


    Air CleanersPoor Furnish & install new air filters and new air restriction indicator.Furnish & install new air filters and new air restriction indicator.Fuel Injection SystemPoor Broken pump's housing, oil leaks, low engine's performances, low fuel transfer pump pressure, fuel leak at fuel priming pump.
    Anti-Freeze Color Red, cloudy, -28 C. degrees, CONTAMINATED with oil = drain, wash cooling system, correct contamination source, refill with long life coolant.GovernorPoor Furnish & install a new engine throttle control, this control is replaced by a wire.
    Belts / PulleysPoor Replace worn pulley and V-beltOil LeaksYes Many leaks on many places = REMOVE & INSTALL engine, REBUILT engine.
    Blow ByYes Measured blowby: 680 cubic feets/hours, specification max permissible blowby = 500 c.feets/hours. -- Measured full load: 1610 rpm -- spec. for full load: 2200±10 rpm = REBUILT used engine.Oil Pressure (H/L/N) Measured pressures are within specifications = good
    Compression in RadiatorNoOverall Operating ConditionPoor Engine needs to be rebuilted; also replace faulty engine temperature regulator
    EPA DecalNo May be furnished with rebuilted engineTurbocharger / BlowerPoor Oil leak and poor performance
    Engine SupportsPoor Renew defective/worn engine & transmission mounts (supports)Water in OilYes Results for SOS at 12465 hours = oil in coolant, see CoolersResults for SOS at 12465 hours = oil in coolant, see Coolers
    Exhaust / MufflerPoor Furnish & install missing heat shield guards, clean or replace exhaust gas converter


    CoolersPoor .Coolers needs to be diagnosed & fixed because there is oil in coolant.LeaksNo
    FanGoodRadiatorPoor Replace the radiator because corroded exterior, partly destroyed.
    Fan DrivePoor Replace hub-fan ball bearingsWater PumpPoor Coolant leak = replace water pump
    HosesPoor Replace all hoses because they are dry/old.


    AlternatorPoor Replace alternator and replace broken pulley, replace alternator loose support if damaged.StarterFair Starter is still functional but very old = replace starter with 0R.........
    Batteries / CablesPoor Replace faulty batteries, clean and/or replace damaged cable or terminals.WiringPoor Replace harness in front & rear frames (many wire are by-pased). Replace corroded breakers, repair or replace cab's damaged harness, engine rpm indicator, defective transmission ECM. Put safety lock o
    Pre-HeaterPoor Lighting system: Repair/straighten two guards as for front lamps, make functionnal all lighting system.


    CasePoor TRANSFER GEARS: oil leak by yoke lip seals, may require yokes metallisation, may require new bearings, etc. REMOVE & INSTALL, rebuilt.PumpFair Pump need to be checked while resealing transmission
    CoolerGoodSealsPoor Remove & install transmission & torque converter, reseal both compoments, replace worn parts.
    Drive ShaftFair After cleaning, check drive shafts & universal joints, replace worn parts.Torque ConverterPoor There is an important oil leak between transmission & torque converter.
    LeaksYesTransmission - Forward ShiftsGood
    Lines / FittingsPoor Oil leak by coolers dry/worn hoses, replace all faulty hoses & sealsTransmission - Reverse ShiftsGood As problem prevention (corroded): replace six transmission solenoids & speed sensor.
    Overall Operating ConditionPoor Broken safety lock, etc. = repair STIC control for direction & transmission


    Articulate P & BGood The inspection has not reveal problem at hitch-gp articulationSteering CylinderPoor Fix excessive end play at both ends of steering cylinder, will require new parts + welding & machining holes.
    Lines / FittingsPoor Replace an leaking hose between pump & control valve, replace all dry/worn seals.Steering LinkagePoor Fix oil leak at joystick direction control
    PumpsPoor Oil leak, this pump is bolted in line with other pumps also leaking.ValvesPoor Repair faulty main pressure adjusting screw, + install missing pressure tap. Fix oil leaks at both neutralizer valves


    AccumulatorsPoor Defective = replace both accumulatorsLinesPoor Furnish & re-install quick coupler tap for releasing the parking brake.
    Control ValvePoor Oil leaks, etc. = REBUILT accumulator charging valve, selector & pressure control valve, service brake valve.Parking BrakePoor Oil leak = repair parking brake control valve. Replace p. brake pressure switch and solenoid.
    Hydraulic PumpPoor Oil leak = need to be fixedType (Wet, Dry)Fair Service brakes & parking brake use same discs & plates and they are in axle's oil.


    DifferentialsFair Front & rear differentials oil analysis results are normal. Check yokes lip seals and final drives seals to be certain about their condition.Rear AxleGood
    Front AxleGoodRear Final DrivesGood Last SOS results = normal
    Front Final DrivesGood Last SOS results = normalWheel Lugs & RimsPoor Furnish & install some missing studs & nuts for wheels
    OscillationFair After removal of engine & transmission, and cleaning, measure oscillation loose, do report and recommandation.


    Control LinkagePoor Repair oil leaks at joystick pilot controlOverall Operating ConditionFair Count for small particules was slightly high on last SOS results, filters had been inspected & replaced.
    Hose LinesPoor Replace many dry/worn/leaking hosesPump & ValvesPoor Replace defective main relief valve, check & adjust all operating pressure. Oil leak at or between pumps = repair or replace
    LeaksYes Fix oil leaks on main hydraulic control.TankPoor Oil leak on tank's back = require repair. Furnish & install missing seal on tank filling cap.
    Lift CylindersPoor Oil leak by left cylinder's rod seals = Remove & install, rebuilt cylinder, may require rechrome.
    Notes Six hydr. hoses for lift cylinders circuit and 5 hoses for tilt cylinder circuit are used/worn on wires = they require replacement.


    Bucket BottomPoor Worn and many patches = it need to be completly replaced.Bucket SidesPoor Worn: renew side & 8 hell shroud wear protectors
    Bucket Capacity D'origine Cat, c'était 4.1 verges cubes.As shipped from Cat plant, it was 4.1 CYDCutting EdgesPoor Many cracks to be welded. This bucket's edge come from another bucket and it is adapted, but: ??
    Bucket FloorPoor Renew bucket's bottom wear plates.Loader FrameGood
    Bucket LinkagePoor All pins , bushings, seals must be disassambled, inspected with replacement of worn parts; some holes may require to be welded & machined.Loader Pins & BushingsPoor Lift arm & lift cylinders pins & bushings (loose) require to be dismantled, inspected and worn parts replaced; some holes may require welding & machining.


    Number of Chains Remove & install 4 tires, repair slow air leak on rear rh. tire, furnish 3 tires.Rim Depth Replace oversize rear left rim, as shipped from Cat, it was 158-3041
    Average Life Remaining Inconnu --- Unknown
    Tire Size 17.5 R 25 Smooth tread

    Make/Serial# Tread Depth
    in 1/32"
    % Life
    Recapped Tread
    Side Cuts
    Left Front ? N N N
    Left Rear ? N N N
    Right Front Marque inconnu -- Unknown brand N N N
    Right Rear ? N N N


    A 6000 service hours maintenance as Cat recommancations is required.; Furnish & install missing bolts, washers, etc. on machine's cover, etc. --- Remove unnecessary parts.; Repair centralized grease system: damaged hoses, grease fittings, etc.; Repair safety pins retaining chains.; Straighten two front fender and replace their mud flaps. Repair an hole in rear right fender and repaint it.;

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